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Entrepreneur Stories 4 Inspiration

Jan 1, 2021

Max Izmaylov is the CEO of Winding Tree & Pedro Anderson is the COO of the company. Winding Tree is a blockchain-based decentralized open-source travel distribution platform. The company makes travel cheaper for the end user and profitable for travel companies, like hotels, airlines, and travel agencies because it removes the middlemen from the equation.

Maksim Izmaylov is a software engineer, entrepreneur, and previously founder of Roomstorm and Travel Tech Con. Max is also passionate about making travel a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Pedro Anderson specializes in crypto-investment and social entrepreneurship. Being in charge of partnerships at Winding Tree, he had previously sold millions of dollars of SaaS products.

*** For Show NotesKey PointsContact Info, & Resources Mentioned on this episode visit here: Max Izmaylov & Pedro Anderson Interview***